Why Choose Us

Our program is the only one in the world that offers neurolinguistic training during language acquisition.

It is designed to stimulate your brain by identifying and eliminating obstacles such as shyness, memory issues, bad habits and negative associations.

You will develop new habits daily that will maximize your potential both in language and in every aspect of your life.

This will increase your self confidence so you can grab the spotlight in French, practice public speaking, give fantastic presentations, practice interviews, participate in meetings and debates, and develop winning sales, marketing and negotiation strategies. You will learn to become the language and the culture it represents.

You will develop a whole new identity in French and grab your audience by revealing your greatest assets while having a fabulous time.

During your training you will meet remarkable people, develop great relationships and make friends for life!

Once you join La Clinique Linguistique, you become part of our Life Members’ Club and you can drop in anytime on of the programs or Meetups you have attended, and do them again, as often as you like, for FREE!

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