Summer French Immersion

Enjoy our amazing summer French program!

Our Bootcamp French 360 targets all your language and culture needs. We offer you a complete grammar revision, written and oral practice, active listening and interactive cultural projects that integrate video, music and tourism. You will be given challenges every day in French, after class, to practice your skills in real time to monitor your progress. This program is great for International students and new immigrants who come to Montreal to discover our culture and our wonderful summer climate.You will enjoy a unique and highly stimulating French experience.

You will be evaluated before and after your training and prepared for TEFAQ exams.

You will also be given a certificate upon completion of your level.

We provide host families upon request, so you can  practice French at home, between classes.

Find out about our weekend excursions in the Laurentians, Quebec, Ottawa and Niagara Falls.

The objective of La Clinique Linguistique is for you to become the language and start a whole new life in French!

Our programs are designed according to your needs and preferences. Let us know what you want and we will make it happen at La Clinique Linguistique!

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