Express French immersion

Do you need to pass a B1 or B2 French exam to become a Canadian resident?
Do you need to speak French to get a professional job in Quebec?
Would you like to increase your confidence and skills in French ASAP ?

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La Clinique Linguistique is pleased to offer you a whole new model of accelerated  learning that gives concrete results while having a fabulous time.

Traditional language classes a couple of hours a week are often counterproductive because they are quickly forgotten. Furthermore, French language is a living experience that stimulates all your senses. Immersion is key so you can develop French reflexes, and begin to think and feel like a whole new French version of yourself. Welcome to a revolution in language acquisition.

Our unique Bootcamp formula offers complete training over 3 weeks of 45 consecutive hours which include grammar, B1 and B2 levels for French immigration exams, writing, video recording, interviews, acting, sociocultural activities and professional communication skills. Using principles of NLP, our formula encourages DAILY Use of applications to maximize your language memory and performance with an active practice a few minutes a day.

You will have 3 hours of language training every day from Monday to Friday and extracurricular activities in French in the afternoons or on weekends. Each package lasts 3 weeks.

Weekends may include activities such as a trip to the Laurentian mountains where you will practice your French while swimming in a lake, cycling through the forest or hiking up a mountain. You will learn to cook in French as well and make videos you will never forget! City activities include Museums and local gallery hopping followed by discussions and debates.

Every level will include a movie night in French once a week and will join in group discussions.

There are 8 French levels : Beginner 1,2,3 Intermediate1,2,3 and Advanced 1,2. Placement tests are free.

Registration and information : please contact Mrs. Alice La Flèche at 514 601 3543

Or write to:

Please note that this course must be completed within its 3 week deadline.

Payment is required in full, upon inscription.




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