Driven towards results with the ability to clearly identify needs and challenges to design a program just for you, your COMMUNICATION COACH Alice La Flèche, is a Bilingual Communications Expert with more than 20 years of successful private, group and corporate training for employers and employees ofFortune 1000 companies, sales teams, marketing departments, advertising agencies, administration departments, universities, Cegeps, colleges and the Government of Canada.

She is the founder of La Clinique Linguistique and Bravo Language School. She believes in making a difference in the world. Thanks to her pay it forward program, her corporate clients contribute directly to her foundation, at no extra cost. By choosing La Clinique Linguistique or Bravo Language School, they allow underprivileged women and childrento have access to education for free, so they can make their own dreams come true.

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  1. Alice is very professional and experienced trainer for language skills. She has always been guiding me through constant learning program for French language. Even after formal training program duration finishes, she continues to help me in various topics, for e.g. conducting conversational practice classes regularly. Alice’s teaching style is very unique and different from other trainers. She makes sure that the students goes through all the possible topics/aspects to improve their language skills, for e.g. education system, arts & culture, politics, entertainment, International and humanity etc.

    I recommend Alice anytime. Anyone learning with her is bound to gain a lot of progress and success in one’s language skills – which ultimately should help one progress in his/her career and life.

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