Why Us?

Double your income by becoming bilingual! French and English are essential if you want to immigrate and work in Quebec or Canada. English is the most important International Business language. You need to speak it if you intend to work for big companies or start one of your own anywhere in the world!

La Clinique Linguistique offers you a wide variety of courses in both languages ​​to meet all your professional, academic, cultural, immigration and business language needs. Learn to speak your second or third language fluently!


  1. Right now, nothing is more precious than global communication, human interaction, and building a worldwide community!
  2. Language and Communication skills are fundamental for business and success on today’s International market. The ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming an imperative factor in the successful growth of any business.
  3. Our Mission is to empower you with language so both you and the company you work for can thrive!
  4. Why online? Because it is safer, more effective, more flexible and easier to manage no matter where you are!
  5.  Our online courses are also excellent for stress management! They allow you to break out of social isolation, network and meet great people from around the world, while practicing together.
  6. Every person has unique potential, incredible inner power and new perspectives waiting to be discovered and shared. We offer private tutoring as well.
  7. We offer personalized online training programs for businesses, organizations and individuals of all ages who wish to learn and improve their knowledge of French, English and Mandarin.
  8. Our classes are so much fun, you won’t want to miss them! Only one click away! Discover a whole new world of people who are just waiting to meet you!
  9. We also offer after school and summer programs for children, teenagers and college students travelling abroad.
  10. Once you have completed a course, you will automatically have free access to our Meetups where you can continue practicing and developing your network.

Driven towards results with the ability to clearly identify needs and challenges to design a program just for you, your COMMUNICATION COACH Alice La Flèche, is a Bilingual Communications Expert with more than 20 years of successful private, group and corporate training for employers and employees of Fortune 1000 companies, sales teams, marketing departments, advertising agencies, administration departments, universities, Cegeps, colleges and the Government of Canada.

She is the founder of La Clinique Linguistique and Bravo Language School. She believes in making a difference in the world. Thanks to her pay it forward program, her corporate clients contribute directly to her foundation, at no extra cost. By choosing La Clinique Linguistique or Bravo Language School, they allow underprivileged women and children to have access to education for free, so they can make their own dreams come true.

Help her make the world a better place!

What People Say

Lucas AGNELLI Corporate Controller at BlackRock Metals Inc. May 7, 2012, Lucas worked with Alice at different companies/ I highly recommend Ms.Alice Richer La Flèche in terms of excellence as a Corporate Trainer. Ms. La Flèche has been providing Johnson & Johnson with exceptional language services in the Marketing, Finance and HR departments at J&J since 2002, both in English and in French Lucas AgnelliFinancial Advisor, Finance and Marketing, Johnson&Johnson

ANNA BLACKLEDGE Experienced Marketing Professional Specializing in Communications & DevelopmentAugust 28, 2013 :
Alice is warm, empathetic, patient, energetic and fully engaged in the subjects she teaches – her passion for teaching is what inspires students to become engaged and fully participate…We discussed topics in the news, shared thoughts and opinions, and had lively group chats about rhetorical questions and hot button issues. This made classes far more exciting to me as it provided opportunity for real life application of the vocabulary and grammar and we were constantly adding words to our repertoire as Alice filled in the blanks. Alice seems to have a natural ability in bringing out the best in people so that even the most painfully shy and less skilled French students were actively participating and included in the discussions as those who were more confident in their language skills…I highly recommend Alice to anyone looking to learn another language – she is a fabulous teacher because she is passionate about language and she genuinely loves people. I would love to have Alice as a teacher again in any subject!Walt Disney

Geneviève Levasseur: Directrice de production, Radio-Canada.ca /The present letter is to recommend Ms. Alice Richer La Flèche in terms of quality and excellence in language services, both in English and in French. I am the Production Manager for all New Media at Radio-Canada. She assisted me in translating and preparing many conferences, presentations, negotiation meetings and conference calls in English. Needless to say that in a corporate environment such as the CBC/Radio-Canada, quality of language and clarity of communication are highly important values.

That being said, I wish to underline Mrs La Flèche’s adaptability, accuracy and high level of competence. Not only did she meet my expectations in corporate assets, but she exceeded them. I strongly recommend Ms. Alice Richer La Flèche as a Corporate Trainer.

Préparation TEFAQ /J’aime beaucoup les cours de La Clinique Linguistique. Pendant la pandémie, Alice nous a donné les cours sur Zoom. C’était extraordinaire, ça m’a permis de pratiquer le français en groupe, de vaincre ma timidité et de discuter avec d’autres étudiants . Chaque fois, le sujet était différent et très intéressant. Les cours de La Clinique Linguistique offrent une excellente occasion pour s’améliorer et intégrer la culture québécoise. Jiabei L.

我在疫情期间上了La Clinique Linguistique的法语网课,我觉得效果非常好。首先,Alice是一个非常有经验有耐心的老师,她了解每一个学生的需求,并且会尽她所能给予我们帮助。其次,每节课都可以和来自不同国家的同学交流法语,并且每节课都会有不同的主题,大家可以畅所欲言。总之,课堂气氛非常活跃,每个人都有机会表达观点,在练习口语的同时还可以更好的了解魁北克文化。二零一六年八月九日

Francine M. Comptable chez CGI/J’ai eu le plaisir de suivre des cours d’anglais avec Alice La Flèche chez Johnson & Johnson. J’ai appris beaucoup de son enseignement qui n’était pas du tout ennuyant. Les cours étaient axés sur la conversation. Nous avions des débats sur l’actualité, quelques exercices théoriques. Il nous est arrivé d’écouter un film et même  de chanter. Nous avons fait une immersion totale lors d’une sotie a New York. Ce fût une expérience fabuleuse. Alice est une enseignante très cultivée et passionnée  par  son travail. Elle sait nous mettre à l’aise et est très dévouée à nous aider dans notre apprentissage. Je vous conseille fortement  ses classes, elles sont toutes sauf ennuyantes.

Alice was my French-as-a-second-language teacher in a five-week program called Explore at the Université du Québec à Montréal in the summer of 2011. /Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Alice as a language instructor. She is not your ordinary ESL/FSL teacher, for she seeks to inspire students, to ignite their passion for a language. As a result, her students make authentic progress and get outstanding results. Enosh Chen

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